Prints of computer collage made of photos of highly recognizable characters. The cut out parts of the photos are intact and can be identified. No morphing or superimposing.

Love & Understanding

La Cicciolina & Sigmund Freud. Sold to Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.

Love & Hate

Marilyn Monroe & Adolf Hitler. Sold to Gothenburg Museum of Art and Sweden and Malmo Art Museum, Sweden.

Genius & Strength

Albert Einstein & Sylvester Stallone.

Lust & Levitation

Patti Smith & Salvador Dali.

Nice & Naughty

Prince Charles & Iggy Pop.

Shadows & Myths

Greta Garbo & Andy Warhol.

Thrills & Simulation

Michael Jackson & Alfred Hitchcock .

Voice & Meaning

Ludwig Wittgenstein & Elvis Presley.

Dreams & Visions

Martin Luther King & Prince.

Power & Ambition

Richard Reeves & Madonna.

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