KSS 1996

Objects and Posters. IRONIC campaign against immigration to Sweden. Mines are made of the Swedish surströmming (a very smelly fermented fish) to keep intruders away.


A mine made of the swedish, much-disputed, culinary delicacy: surströmming (an extremely smelly fermented fish). The fermentative process continues inside the tin until it theoretically will explode.

KSS-sign I

A skinhead on his way to trail. The mine is an allegory to what happens in people's mind if no new thoughts are allowed.

KSS-sign II

A volenteer keeping guard over the Swedish east coast's air territory and the threat from antidemocratic forces under the World War II.

KSS-sign III

Fish in the sea put in a tin, fermented and thrown in the water.

KSS-installation at Malmö Museum, Sweden.

Mines are surronding the ditch around the old citadel. The KSS signs are situated around the ditch as well.

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